Sleepless in Seattle
"Just as a flower does not choose its color."

That one person that understands you and your goals. That knows your weaknesses and your strengths. That reminds you of beauty and kindness. That loves you just as you are. My best friend is the most beautiful person in the world. She’s one of my biggest inspirations in life. I love her so much… so so so so so so much. 


Painting by Clare Elsaesser *Dressed




This is so much better than any russian roulette or “poison cookie” analogy.


Success is no accident. на We Heart It.

"I can keep loving you like this forever."

❝ Even confession needs some transformation to make it work, I believe—you save yourself not by repeating the facts but by playing with them, by introducing the imaginary into the actual wherever it is needed, so that your writing expresses not only an outer truth but what, for lack of a better phrase, I’m going to have to call an inner truth. ❞
- Paul La Farge, discussing his short story, “Rosendale,” in this week’s issue. (via newyorker)
❝ Societies where women and girls are empowered are more prosperous and stable - not occasionally, but always. ❞
- Secretary Kerry at an Equal Futures Partnership event on the margins of UNGA, September 22, 2014 (via statedept)


George Cochran Lambdin, Autumn Sunshine, 1880, oil on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase
George Cochran Lambdin painted this work while living in Philadelphia’s Germantown section, an area famed in the late nineteenth century for its gardens. Lambdin turned his attention to paintings of flowers in 1870, probably inspired by the English Pre-Raphaelites, who believed that a closer study of nature resulted in paintings that were more spiritually truthful. In Autumn Sunshine, Lambdin did not use the traditional composition of a vase of flowers on a tabletop. Instead, his painting of potted plants on the floor of a greenhouse captures the flowers as they are still growing, creating a more natural image. The soft tones of yellow and pink emphasize the delicate texture of the chrysanthemum’s petals, while the dead leaves, together with the thin vine in the background, enhance the feeling of having captured a fleeting moment in nature.